LaKay Taina, a wide variety of activities for everyone Book now


At La kay Taina, a wide variety of activities are offered. Each guest will find something to his liking. The beach lovers and big thrill enthusiasts will be more than happy!


LaKay Taina, it’s also 10 km of unspoiled beach with beautiful turquoise water and thousands upon thousands of shells. A peace haven less than two hours from Port-au-Prince, LaKay Taina provides an exclusive and stunning view on the sea. Come and experience eating fresh seafood while admiring the peaceful splendor of the sea and listening to the calming sound of the waves. Lounge chairs are provided to help you relax and unwind.


Flippers, masks and snorkels are provided to those who want to experience free diving and witness a pristine coral reef. The vivid colours, shells, marine plants and fish can all easily be seen within a few meters of the shore. Bring your own equipment or ask your sympathetic hosts, Michel Figuet or Pierre Gaboury, to lend you some for free! For those keen on diving, several options are offered. Book now


At our guests’ requests, we are happy to announce that kayaks will be made available for free to our guests. You only have to put on a life-jacket, pull the kayak to the sea and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. And who knows? Perhaps will you take a break on a deserted beach by a mountainside somewhere! Book now

Sport Fishing

Richard, our sport-fishing expert, is an outstanding guide for navigation at sea. Seize the opportunity to experience this unmatched adventure and spend half a day or a complete day at sea to acquire new skills in fishing techniques. Furthermore, we will then prepare, for you, a delicious meal with your catch! Freshness guaranteed! Book now.

Hiking and Discovery

Located at less than a 30-minute drive from the resort, the Vallue Mountain reaches an altitude of 990 meters and reveals to nature lovers a splendid view of the mountains surrounding Grand-Goave and Petit-Goave. Whether you’re an expert hiker or a beginner, a guide will help you discover the most beautiful forest trails.

Botanical Laboratory

The Vallue Mountain is a true botanical laboratory with its eco-friendly plantations. A truly splendid and safe environment. To reach its summit, a new 5 km access road has been built. And foremost, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Cultural Activities

Haiti is full of cultural activities. Come and discover its many treasures. Visit the Saturday morning market, get to know the cheese sellers or take part in the Vallue Mountain festivities. Your hosts, Michel Figuet and Pierre Gaboury, will be happy to guide you. Find out more

LaKay Taina

71 Jeanty, Grand-Goâve, Haiti
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