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LaKay Taina, a Haiti success story since 2010

LaKay Taina

Located at Taina Beach in the Grand-Goave, a small provincial town in the Perle des Antilles, LaKay Taina was built by Christian Ravanetti. After the devastating earthquake of 2010, Ravanetti built this small beachside restaurant which quickly became renowned for the quality of its menu and relaxing ambiance. Now having new owners, Michel Figuet and Pierre Gaboury, the restaurant is expanding thanks to the development of this beautiful and eco-friendly seaside resort.

Set between sea and land, so to speak, Taino Beach is a little-known paradise lined with 10 km of unspoiled beach, mostly empty of any inhabitants. It’s as if time had stopped. There is no invasive industrial development on this magnificent beach where finely-detailed wooden boats are still the most common way of going fishing at sea. Numerous enjoyable activities are available such as fishing excursions, mountain hiking, diving, boat trips, and a surf and turf you’ll never forget!

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free meals offered to the community



The restaurant’s opening

After the destruction of his hotel in the great earthquake of 2010, Christian Ravanetti built the restaurant Taina, the small beachside restaurant which will eventually become LaKay Taina.


A reference in Haiti

Thanks to Christian Ravanetti’s determination and his team, it was not long before the good reputation of the Taina Restaurant spread among the hundreds of NGO staff members.


Change of ownership

With more than 6 years of experience at Épidor in Port-au-Prince, the pastry chef Michel Figuet fulfils his dream and buys the restaurant of his good friend Christian Ravanetti. He successfully takes over the business and, shortly after, adds a new line of pastry products unmatched in Grand-Goave.

In order to promote the restaurant’s position in the market and to differentiate it from the other restaurants located on Jeanty Street, the restaurant Taina is given a new name: LaKay Taina.


A new owner and a change of name

In January 2016, Pierre Gaboury, a chef by training and a skillful entrepreneur, takes a trip to Haiti and can’t help but witness the urgency of doing something for this country. The ongoing poverty, the lack of good jobs and the combined long-lasting effects of several natural disasters can be seen everywhere. He therefore decides to join Michel Figuet, a long-time friend, in his endeavour and becomes a partner in the business. Thanks to his expertise, Gaboury has elaborated a creative new market based menu.  


A seaside resort project

Considering the success of LaKay Taina and the benefits it brought to the local community, Michel Figuet and Pierre Gaboury decided to invest in a new major project: the creation of a peace haven for tourists and visitors. Thus, the LaKay Taina seaside resort project was born! Then they proceeded to purchase a 9 500-m2 piece of land adjoining the restaurant.


An attainable objective

Job creation and in-service training are concrete and time-tested measures which will be helpful in stimulating the economy of ‘Ayiti Chéri’. The objective of LaKay Taina is to get the financing for the construction of an eco-friendly seaside resort, a project which will benefit more than 45 Haitian families. 

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A warm and calm sea, a peaceful setting and a restaurant full of delights for the whole family. What more can you ask for? Greg Antoine

Coordinator, Doctors of the World, Belgium

LaKay Taina, the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Philippe Swyngedau

Head of Mission, ATO

‘For more two years now, I have been a regular customer of LaKay Taina and I make it a point, almost an obligation, to return. I really appreciate its family and serene atmosphere and not to mention its exquisite cuisine.’ Stéphane Bourgeois

Person in charge EHS, Alstom Power

‘We have been travelling to Haiti since 1982. Our favourite features: the beaches, the friendly people and the nice weather. The opening of the restaurant is a real boost to the local economy and we are very happy about it.

Johanne et Marcel

Retirees St-Jérôme, Quebec

A warm and calm sea, a peaceful setting and a restaurant full of delights for the whole family. What more can you ask for?

Fabien Dodard

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

LaKay Taina, the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Annie Gustave

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I always have a wonderful time when I go to LaKay Taina. I’ve been going there for almost 3 years now. The food is wonderful, the service outstanding, the host Michel is most friendly and welcoming and the environment very caribbean like. I recommend LaKay Taina to all my friends.


Berlin, Germany

LaKay Taina is a great place to spend the day. They have great lounge chairs and the food is absolutely amazing. Make sure to bring some snorkel equipment as they have some nice shallow reefs. Fantastic time had by all.

Naomi Adamseo

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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LaKay Taina

71 Jeanty, Grand-Goâve, Haiti
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