LaKay Taina is one of Haiti’s renowned restaurant as well as a seaside resort project designed for the adventure-seeking travellers who want to discover and experience a most pristine and well-preserved natural habitat.

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Our Mission

Haiti is in the process of becoming a choice destination for many travellers.

LaKay Taina’s main objective consists of allowing the traveller to discover this beautiful country through our main six unique attractions:


The reputation of our gourmet menu is well-established among not only Haitians but also among tourists and many humanitarian groups thanks to our delicious meals made up of early morning catch of local fish.


A true peace haven located less than two hours from Port-au-Prince, LaKay Taina offers to all its guests an exclusive access to the crystal-clear waters of Taino Beach.


Forget about your daily concerns and relax for a few hours or a few days!


LaKay Taina welcomes you! Our name says it all. The word “kay” meaning “home” in Creole, LaKay welcomes all its visitors with warmth and courtesy. You will feel right at home.


From LaKay Taina, you have access to various attractions including excursions in finely-detailed wooden boats, swims in calm and crystal-clear waters through superb coral reefs, hikes in a well-preserved wooded mountain and more.


One of our main objectives is to help the local population of Grand-Goave in Haiti by offering them full-time employment. Indeed, forty-five Haitian families will benefit from this seaside resort project.

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Take part in our project

Make a real difference!

You can be a part of the progress in Haiti and you can help create new job opportunities by getting involved in our very promising seaside resort project.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a reservation in your restaurant?

To make a reservation within a 24-hour timeframe or less, please call Michel Figuet or Pierre Gaboury at (509) 48 45 08 55. Otherwise, you can e-mail us at or fill our reservation form online.

When will the seaside resort project start?

We are currently looking for people interested in investing in the project in order to carry on with it. Your professional and financial support would greatly accelerate the process. Please let us know about any investment proposition you might have.

Is there transportation available between Port-au-Prince and Taino Beach?

A shuttle service is available for the residents of Haiti and the tourists. For more information, please contact Michel Figuet or Pierre Gaboury.

What’s on the menu?

Each Friday, LaKay Taina offers a new menu. Subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram account to receive a copy of our most recent menu. You can also look at our pictures in our About Us section.

Besides plane tickets, how much money should be set aside for travelling in Haiti?

When travelling in Haiti, it’s best to allow for US$ 150 per day per person for food and accommodation plus an extraUS$ 50 for the activities. For your daily transportation needs, a limousine service is available for aboutUS$ 100  a day. We are available at any time to answer your questions.

Are there many accommodation facilities available?

Several options are available. Since one of LaKay Taina’s objectives is to promote local businesses, we will be happy to refer you to one of our business partners according to your preference. Please contact us or visit our activities section.

LaKay Taina

71 Jeanty, Grand-Goâve, Haiti
(509) 48 45 08 55